Weathering the Energy Bills: Staying Warm in Cold Snaps without Spending a Fortune

When the temperature drops unseasonably but you know it will only last a few days, you may not be keen to turn on the central heating for the whole house. So what can you do to avoid the chills when cold snaps bite? Here are a few ideas to keep you cosy without increasing your energy bills.

Keep Warm at Night

Don’t get the chills at night, and instead follow a few simple tips to make sure you stay warm under the covers.

The classic way to warm up a cold bed is to use a hot water bottle, so make sure you have one of these handy for when the cold nights cause problems. Another great option is to get yourself an electric blanket. You can buy electric blankets from a local store, or you can shop for one online and get it delivered to your door. And of course, you can always throw on an extra blanket or two, so make sure you have one of these ready in the cupboard.

Block the Drafts

Even a small draft can make a room seem a lot colder, so when the temperature falls, get ready to block up the gaps. Close the doors in your house so that the colder air from the rooms you are not using does not transfer to the warmer rooms that you are using. You can also use draft stoppers underneath the doors to block the cool air from entering. Other areas to block up with something include keyholes, the letter box and the cat flap if you have one. Get them all covered and it can make a big difference.

Let the Sun In

Sunlight is a free and effective source of heating, so make sure that during the day you open all of your curtains and let as much light into your home as possible. Then remember to close your curtains as soon as the sun goes down to trap the cold air that forms next to the windows.

Don’t Use the Bathroom Fan

If you normally use a bathroom fan to get rid of the build up of steam, turn it off when the temperature drops for a few days. The humidity in the air will make it feel warmer, which will make your morning shower more comfortable.

Double Glazing

Installing double glazing is a more expensive option, but it can help to trap the heat in your home as soon as the temperature drops, saving you the need to turn on your heating until it is really necessary and improving window efficiency.

Put On a Jumper

The simplest way to stay warm when a cold snap hits is to wear more clothes inside the home.

If you have your winter clothes stored away, get some of them out early and have them on standby so you can wrap up warm in the evening and avoid turning on the heating.

And of course, there is nothing like a hot chocolate or bowl of soup in the evening to keep you cosy whatever the weather outside.

Stay Warm Without Using Heating

It can be a nasty shock when the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse. If you are not ready to turn the heating on just yet, follow these tips to make sure you stay warm and snug even without turning on the heating, which will help you to save money on your bills.

Maddison Wilhelm runs a budget-minded household. From couponing tricks to saving on bills, she often blogs about ways to live well on a tight income.

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