Set It and Forget It – My Struggle with Tracking my Long-term Investments

One of my personal struggles has always been information overload.  I am not overwhelmed by information; I constantly seek ever-changing information. This is evident in a lot of my personal interests.  I tend to enjoy things that are constantly changing, shifting, and updating.  I enjoy the news, sports, and online video games for these reasons.  Now that I have started to invest in the market, I find myself watching the stock indexes even more closely.  This… can become an addiction.

I have money in the market right now in my Roth IRA and in my brokerage account.  The Roth is not going to be tapped for almost 40 years and the brokerage account is probably going to sit and accumulate wealth for at least 10+ years.  With no short-term investments, why do I feel the need to be constantly checking how the market is doing throughout the day, everyday?  I have even had nights where I have checked the Nikkei Market (which opens at 7pm and closes at 1am EST) to see if there is any indicator of how the NYSE will react the upcoming morning.

Tell me, my investing friends, do you watch the market closely even if you are only invested for the long-term?  Is there a way to, literally, set up my investments and then forget about them except to check them around tax time?  Or, is watching our money grow slowly too much fun to not watch on a daily basis (like watching a caterpillar move across the sidewalk)?

One Response to Set It and Forget It – My Struggle with Tracking my Long-term Investments
  1. JerichoHill
    July 15, 2009 | 11:37 am

    I totally, completely ignore my investments except for 2 prescheduled weeks out of the year.

    I obsess about my spending habits daily, however

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