Forex: Why should you know about cTrader?

What do you think are the ideal features of a trading platform? If you are looking for a platform, which promises to be the combination of user-friendliness and technological advancement, then ctrader should be the choice for you. Find out more about the Ctrader platform in this post.

Ctrader Platform: What should you find out about it?

Besides forex, the cTrader platform can be utilized to trade in several markets including indices, shares and commodities among others. The platform can be accessed through a variety of devices including smartphones, desktops and tablets. You can trade from the comfort of your home or else on the go- as per your choice. Today, we will be discussing the reasons why this platform has become so popular. If you are determined to use this platform after learning about its merits then you should be careful about using ctrader demo account properly before trading in the real market.

The merits of cTrader

What exactly are the features of cTrader that give it an edge over the other platforms? Let’s find out here.

Flexibility: We have already told you that you can access this platform through a number of devices like smartphones and desktops. However, this is not the only factor which has contributed to the flexibility of this platform. It complies with the trading styles of both the new and old traders. The interface looks much like that of another highly advanced piece of trading software – Meta Trader 4. It is clear and simple. You can trade straight from the charts. There is hardly any interference from the part of the dealer. As such, the prices you see are completely transparent. Even re-quotes are never applied.

Additionally, there are several types of orders to be availed as well. The greater number of trading orders you can avail, the better decisions you are able to make. Ctrader offers you a comprehensive range of order types including stop orders, market orders and limit orders among others.

Efficiency: The fully customizable platform provides you all the latest updates or live rates at substantially low latency speed. In order to make sure that the traders are provided nothing but the most accurate price rates, all these rates come directly from the liquidity providers. Other advantages of the platform include level II pricing, super-fast execution of trades, automated trading facilities and compliance with both broker and trader interests.

Market Analysis

When it comes to performing in-depth market analysis, there is hardly any other trading platform which is as efficient as cTrader. Do check out its STP or Straight Through Processing feature which is packed with a series of analytical tools. In order to facilitate technical analysis, the trading platform offers you a plethora of features including line drawings, oscillators alongside common trend indicators.

The ChartShots are designed for sharing analysis strategies and examples with other traders.

The final words..

Make sure you are learning more about this platform in order to make the most of its benefits. Good luck with your trading fortunes!


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