8 Ways to Save Money and Be Healthier This Year

There are any number of reasons you could have for wanting to save money. Perhaps you’re saving for a honeymoon, a new computer, adjustable rate mortgage loans or ARM mortgages. Many people are simply looking to square away money for future savings. Either way, there are many simple strategies to build for the future in healthy ways. Here are eight:

Take online courses before going back to school. Before jumping into an expensive college education you should explore the many online resources that are available in order to make sure you’re sure. Often times people will return to school because they’re not satisfied with their jobs, only to discover they simply weren’t satisfied with their lives. Tens of thousands of dollars later, they realize they should have explored their true passions instead of gambling on a degree.

Invest in health care. Yes, it can be expensive. Ideally, your employer will provide you with a good deal. Either way, you need health insurance. Any random day of the week, you could be in an accident that could cost you your savings and a lot of future debt. A broken finger alone can cost thousands.

Ferment your own vegetables. It’s easy, cheap, and healthy. Lactic acid helps with digestion and a multitude of other bodily functions and fermented vegetables can prevent you from spending money on condiments, salad dressings, and party favors.

Save on gas money by not blasting the air conditioner, closing your windows, and driving under 65. It’s not easy, or fun, but if you get into a habit with these three factors you will greatly augment your miles per gallon.

Make your own coffee brew. A sack of coffee beans can last you a month for around $12. Or you could buy two to three cups everyday and essentially flush hundreds of dollars a month into a lazy caffeine addiction.

Buy a bike. This may seem counter-intuitive in a blog about saving money, but some investments pay for themselves. Not only is a bike cheaper than a yearly gym membership, it provides vigorous exercise that will keep you happy. Additionally, you’ll probably save more money on gasoline, since it’s more likely you’ll ride your bike to close destinations.

Drink rich red wine and dark beer. This one also sounds counter-intuitive. Clarification—I’m not suggesting that you get drunk. Always drink moderately. Red wine is loaded with Resveratrol, a life extending antioxidant, and dark beer has also been shown to have positive health benefits in moderate amounts. If it’s rich enough you’re less likely to drink too much and waste a bunch of money at bars and restaurants.

Use Foursquare to be the Mayor. A lot of local businesses offer great discounts and giveaways to people who check in on Foursquare.com. You may find yourself getting a free lunch multiple days a week if you become a company’s Foursquare Mayor.

A list of money-saving tactics could unfurl like a sea scroll—there are too many to list here. But you’ve got to start somewhere. The best methods are ones that double as healthy living adventures.

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