7 Cost-cutting Strategies for Your Business That can Save You a Fortune

As a businessperson, you require money for starting up and growing your business. What is left after subtracting total costs and expenses from your business revenue is what you consider as profit. Therefore, an increase in costs translates to a decrease in profit earned. You are likely to bear losses if you incur extremely high costs. Although it was difficult to operate a business without incurring costs, you can reduce them by adopting cheaper alternatives and avoiding the unnecessary costs in your operations. The following ways will help you cut your business costs significantly:

  1. Outsourcing
    The cost of recruiting and hiring an employee is usually costly as compared to contracting a professional to do a particular job. By hiring an employee, you will cater to their benefits alongside their monthly salaries, and you may need more office space. On the other hand, you will pay for the outsourced work just for the period it takes for completion. Outsourcing payroll processing to expert firms has proven to reduce payroll services cost to most businesses.
  2. Job sharing
    When you have a vacant position that is less demanding or a short-term project, you can share the work amongst your existing full-time employees. By doing so, you will avoid the high cost of employing an additional employee.
  3. Look for cheaper supply deals
    You can reduce the cost of supplies by negotiating a lower price with your existing suppliers. The best time to strike a fair deal is at the beginning of the year for most companies are flexible in adjusting prices at this time. When you are bargaining, make sure you are informed about the prevailing market price of similar products so that you don’t propose an absurd figure. However, you should be keen on the level of quality of the cheaper alternatives.
  4. Reducing rent expenses
    There are many house owners whose shopping centers are reasonably priced. However, you have to shop around to get the best deal and remember to do it early enough before your current lease lapses. It is good if you do it in not less than six months to the end of your existing contract so that you can have an upper hand when bargaining. If you do it late, you will not have enough time to sift through various options, and you may end up settling for an expensive deal.
  5. Differentiating your personal money from business finance
    A common mistake which many sole proprietors make is to mix business finance with personal money. It becomes hard for them to account for the transaction costs accurately. Therefore, it is important to separate the two so that you can come up with ways of regulating costs in your business.
  6. Embracing technology
    In modern days, the advancement of technology has helped many businesses go for cheaper electronic options rather than relying on much paperwork, which is a bit more expensive. You can send simple email messages to new customers and suppliers using an email. You will avoid spending on office supplies such as stamps, envelopes, papers as well as posting costs. Electronic storage of information is also far more cheaper than the cumbersome manual filing of business records.
  7. Using energy-saving devices
    Saving energy at home is equally important as conserving energy at your workplace. Some devices consume less energy than others, yet they perform similar functions. Despite these less-energy-consuming appliances are expensive to buy, they will save you much money in the long run since your monthly power bills will reduce drastically. Most of them have an Energy Star label.

Small business ideas for students. What to start with?

As a rule, most students from marketing faculty already have a list of small business ideas on their heads. Most of them don’t realize that college fundraising ideas are the most profitable. What keeps you from implementing them? Answer to this question and most popular ideas you will find next.


Before starting to think about business ideas for college students, think about the events which make you do it and be excited about it. There will be no result without stimuli which support you for many years. College business ideas are the bravest ones!

Earn your living

When you are a student who must earn his living, then your entrepreneurial spirit must be better stimulated. You have to combine work with your study. Why not to start up your own business which can become your primary source of income later instead of doing sandwiches, babysitting or working in a ship? This way you will make the best of both worlds.

Make your brain work

Another good stimulus is boredom. When you feel like you are fed up with lectures on marketing, philosophy or psychology and want to find anything that makes your conscious brain work and generate thought and ideas, then there is no better solution than running your business. This will excite you for a long time. There is no better pleasure than a pleasure from brain activity. If you understand this statement then you don’t need any motivation.

Earn some respect

Instead of spending summer living off your parents, having fun with friends or killing time with your garage band which will actually never go outside this garage, think about how cool it would be to have your own business. Think about your friends who will come back in fall being at the exact same place where they were, and your parents, who will treat you as an adult with own ambitious ideas and income.

Here some examples of successful business ideas for students

Essay writing

Knowing the specifics of your college and professors and having some spare time for making money you would probably be interested in the perspective of creating custom writing service. These services are not violating any rules and regulations issued by your or any other university. This is legal. You can start by yourself and then hire other writers to write for other universities and make your startup profitable.

Blogging, vlogging

Most students who don’t have start-up funds are creating their own blogs and YouTube channels. They must be really cool to become profitable. Check some inspiring channels which have grown during a year.

Delivery service

Your bicycle will help you to organize delivery service. Movie Premium Rush can give you necessary inspiration for starting this business. Try it in your campus at first. There are plenty of students who forget important stuff at home and need urgent delivery.

What to start with?

First steps to your success may be confusing. If you don’t know what to start with and not to be puzzled then follow two simple steps:

  1. Figure out what you want to do and evaluate your start-up budget (if any).
  2. Make a plan and do all the management before start working.

What to do?

Are there any savings for your project? That is the first thing college students/young entrepreneur need to know. Then start considering activities which excite you. Think precisely and imagine yourself spending all day during a week on your project. Does this thought scare you? Then skip this idea and find another one that excites you. Get notebook, write your ideas and do it as detailed as possible including color scheme of your label or working hours.

How to do?

Cheap ideas are everywhere online. At the event when you determined your branch of business, start thinking about the details. If it’s your blog or YouTube channel think all the details to make it attractive. Create stylish and catching background formatting. If it is your office then count primer spending and figure out the amount of money you need at start.

Forex and the Future: 2017 Predictions

While even the most seasoned of Forex investors cannot peer through the financial “looking glass” to see what may be around the next corner, it is always possible to make some generalisations. 2016 has already proven to be a landmark year in terms of currency volatility and these movements could increase during the coming months. What can we expect in 2017? Let us take a closer look.


The Effect of the Brexit


It can be argued that the Brexit is set to be the most news-worthy event within the world of currency trading during 2017. We have already seen the pound weaken substantially against other benchmark currencies such as the euro and the dollar. This trend will likely continue. This is not due to the imminent Brexit itself (up to two years can be taken to finalise such a move) but rather, bearish sentiment of many investors. Growing concerns about international trade relationships, the domestic housing market and the interest rates set forth by the Bank of England should weigh heavily upon the pound. However, this may actually be good news for traders who are in the position to take advantage of such rather unprecedented movements.


A Weakening Euro?


It can also be argued that the Brexit can and will have a very real effect upon the value of the euro. This has less to do with direct financial figures as it does with many calling into question the solvency of the European Union itself. Continued political disputes within this 28-nation bloc are causing some to wonder whether or not the EU is nothing more than a “failed experiment”. So, we may very well see investor sentiment begin to ebb in terms of its long-term future. Remembering how fear can quickly cause a drop in inter-market values, it is not unreasonable to predict that the euro could see notable losses when compared to other currencies.


The (Predicted) Strength of the Dollar


The dollar has seen significant gains in relation to the euro and the pound. This stems from positive economic data emerging from the United States as well as the aforementioned events occurring in Europe and the United Kingdom. Could this rally continue into 2017? Most experts seem to say yes. In fact, some may begin to view the dollar as a safer haven. This will be even more relevant if the effects of the Brexit become more pronounced or in the event that the United Kingdom slips into recession (as some are already predicting). If this occurs, the price of dollar-based commodities will also rise.


The Emergence of the Home-Based Investor


Thanks to reputable platforms such as CMC Markets, more individual investors are entering into the world of Forex trading than ever before. This can help countless traders enjoy a steady stream of additional income. We also must view this trend from a macroscopic point of view. A higher number of investors could signal even more daily volume; particularly in reference to binary trades. More volume might hint at an increased level of fluctuation. This could once again be an excellent way to enjoy short-term gains.


While 2017 is still a few months away, it is always advisable to take a look at what we could see transpire in the not-so-distant future.



Choosing the Best Online Broker – XTrade Europe


The appearance of the Internet has revolutionized the whole concept of trading, giving us a various methods and strategies that was unthinkable only a decade before. Today, almost everyone can access the global market and start buying and selling a wide range of assets without any problem. Online trading also reduced amount needed for entering the financial market. Today, you can begin your investing adventure starting from $20. And that is just great for people who are not ready to invest big money at the very beginning of their online investing careers.

Of course, the first thig that has to be done on your road to success is choosing an online broker you want to trade with. Even if it does not look like it, making a good choice can be a really difficult job. After all, it is not easy to pick a reputable company such as XTrade Europe, simply because there are a ton of companies out there.

Here are a three things that every trader should consider before he makes a final decision:


Fees and other costs

In the world of trading, everything is about earning more money, or about avoiding costs. The same principle should be applied when searching for your ideal broker. After all, too high expenses and fees can ruin all your previous efforts. Ask every company to give you a list of all their costs. The ideal candidate would be a company who does not have any hidden fees. Of course, it does not mean that a company with the lowest costs is the best one. It all depends on your business plans and trading strategy. However, a full transparency should be one of the first criteria in your quest for the perfect brokerage company.  Avoid all those firms who hide their expenses, even if they look reputable.

Trading tools and knowledge base

Only the best online brokers such as XTrade Europe provide all required trading tools to their clients. Most of the time, they are available for free and can be used without any limitations. In addition, some companies provide free educational courses and trading tutorials that can be used for making better results on the market. Finally, beginners should consider only brokers who offer demo accounts. These accounts are ideal place for learning trading basics and understanding how online investing really looks like.

Some companies, including XTrade Europe, also have specialized forums where experienced traders share their experience and successful strategies. These places are ideal for fresh traders, but also for people who want to improve their trading methods.

So, companies who provide such services to their clients should be on the top of your list.

Customer service and support

Your ideal candidate should be a company that is capable to provide you a full support, no matter what. Your broker has to be there for you, even if everything is OK, which is something XTrade Europe does well. Online investing is one of the most challenging businesses, and sometimes, you will get in the situation where you will need an assistance or advice. This is why a customer service and support are extremely important factors that have to be taken into account when looking for the best brokerage company.



A Guide On Finding Guarantor Loans with a Low APR

People need loans for different reasons – home improvement, tuition fees, vehicle financing, and others; and Guarantor loans provide the opportunity of a loan to those with a less than perfect credit history.

Rather than taking pot luck and typing in “guarantor loans low apr” into Google, this article looks at 4 steps to help find the best value loan.


Interest does not represent the total cost of the loan that you will have to pay off – the term Representative APR does. Interest rate simply just states the rate of interest being charges, but does not take into account any other fees or charges over the course of the loan. However Representative APR takes these other charges into account.


So let’s say you borrow $20,000. The first lender that you approached offers Representative APR of 39% and the second lender is 41%. This means that you will save 2% of $20,000 with the second lender. That’s a lot of savings, right? But how should you find the lender that offers lower APR? Below are steps that you can follow:


Step #1: Know your credit score

This is the first step that you should take before you look for lenders. Your credit rating is a way to assess your creditworthiness. Lenders will check your credit history and base their decision on your loan application. If your credit score is low, this does not always mean rejection. But this may compel them to charge you with higher interest rates and fees thus increasing the usual APR being charged.


To check your credit score, you can go to ClearScore.com and get free credit report from three major reporting bureaus. If your credit score is low, you may consider delaying your plan to borrow money (if possible) until you are able to pay off some of your debts thereby improving your credit score and subsequently helping you get better interest rate and APR for your loan.


Step #2: Look for lending companies online

Search for a number of lenders online. Check their websites and see if these are designed professionally – this is your first step toward checking its trustworthiness. See if they have contact number so you can call and address so you can visit the office. Begin your inquiry. Contact them one by one. List the companies that you find attractive in terms of interest rate, payment terms, eligibility requirements, customer service, and most important APR.


Step #3: Ask for referrals

Ask some friends, relatives, and co-workers if they have had applied for guaranteed loans before and which lending companies were these. Inquire about the APR. If they can’t give you any idea about this, ask about the amount of money they borrowed and they paid each month. Multiply the monthly payment by 12 and you will somehow get an idea of how much had been added on top of the amount loaned. Choose which lenders interest you. Call them and inquire.


Step #4: Compare APRs

With all the details that you get from your inquiries, you can start comparing APRs. Choose the lender that offers you the lowest APR for your guarantor loan.

XFR Financial Ltd And CFD Trading Online


In general, CFD trading can be described as one of the most popular ways of investing, a place where you can trade on markets like currency pairs, gold, oil or futures, and make a solid profit based on difference between commodity prices. Of course, we could also trade with different kinds of commodities in the past, but these markets were intended mostly for a big financial corporations and private investors with huge budgets. In addition, the whole trading situation was far difficult back then, because we had to claim that we actually own these commodities. And that was something that caused a lot troubles for investors from all around the world. The situation with ownership has changed and we can now buy and sell different assets, without need to actually own them. You can see how easy it is if you open your trading account at XFR Financial Ltd. This new concept has revolutionized online trading, allowing investors to trade more freely.

What Do You Need To Start Trading CFD


There are many companies and online brokers that can help you to become a better CFD trader and earn more money. One of the best is XFR Financial Ltd. Choosing your online broker is extremely important, because if you choose wrong one, you might have some really fatal consequences. One of the biggest problems for new traders is that they don’t know how to evaluate these companies, especially because we have so many “financial middlemen” these days. This is the reason why you mustn’t choose the first name you see. Take your time and choose wisely because this can save you from a lot of troubles.


As we said in the begging, choosing XFR Financial Ltd for your broker will be great decision. This is not only highly reputable company, but also one of the leaders in the CFD trading business in general. With their platform, you will be able to trade with shares and commodities from a number of countries around the world. And you will be able to do it without any restriction when it comes to your physical location and time. With such a huge offer, you will definitely be in position to find some great opportunities and by following the rules, turn them into a profitable investments.

Nothing Without Good Software


Once you choose commodities you want to trade with, you will need to track the situation on the market and see what is going on with your contract for differences. The best thing about XFR Financial Ltd trading platform is that it allows everything that is needed for such deep analysis. All these information are provided on the user-friendly platform that can be used even if you are complete amateur.


If you think that you will need some kind of software that must be downloaded, you are wrong, With this broker, you can access your account with your phone or laptop and start investing without any problem. If time is money, then this trading platform will save you a lot of money. So, don’t wait too long and choose your set of assets you want to trade. Remember, CFD market never sleeps.

Realistic Ways To Earn Extra Money While Working Full Time

There are very few people who don’t need or simply want to make extra money, but at the same time, people are often relatively prohibited in what they’re able to do because of their full-time job. If you have a full-time job, you likely keep it because it offers security, stability, and a benefits package, but you might want to put aside extra money for retirement or save for some of life’s luxuries. Your salary alone may not allow you to do that.

A lot of people strive to maintain their full-time job while simultaneously earning money on the side, but the question becomes how to do that in a way that’s realistic and isn’t going to leave you exhausted or devoid of any free time.

Below are four ways to earn extra money, keep your full-time job and retain your sanity.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has become so prevalent that it’s a full-time career for many people, but even if you don’t want to make it your job, it can be a good way to earn passive income in a way that doesn’t require you to quit your job. You will have to put in some initial effort up front, but once you do that, it can turn out to be fairly lucrative.


You may have a skill or talent that you’re using, or perhaps not using at your full-time position, but regardless there may be other ways to put it to work. Create your own freelance consulting business whether your skill is interior design, writing, accounting. Whatever it might be, as a consultant you can make your own hours and work at the times that are going coordinate with your full-time position. The good thing about consulting or freelancing is that you’re not going to have the restrictive scheduling of a traditional part-time job, and you can always cut back if needed.


Investing in the stock market is an excellent way to earn passive income, and even if you’re a relatively active trader, it’s not likely to interfere with your day job. Before you start trading, however, it’s a good idea to do some research. Look at different investment options, including lower risk situations such as penny stock trading, so you can get your feet wet before jumping in fully.

Develop Websites

Obviously website design and development is something that’s in high demand, as essentially every business has a site these days. If you already have the skills, you’re in luck, but if not, you can take online courses and learn what’s needed to build great sites. If you’re able to do that, you can connect with clients online and earn money without having the give up the stability of your primary job.

If you take the time to make extra money on the side, you give yourself expanded opportunities to save more, have something to invest and use to grow your wealth, and all the while you’re maintaining the stability and potentially the substantial benefits package you enjoy at your full-time job.

CFD Trading – Fundamental Concepts Every Starter Must Know

CFD (Contracts for difference) is flexible way of trading, which mirrors price movements of the underlying assets that includes global financial products such as treasuries, currencies, commodities, indices, and stocks. The concept is very simple.


A CFD trader neither purchases nor sells underlying asset. The trader simply purchases units of the CFD. You profit when price of the underlying financial product goes up and make loss when the price goes down than the price at which the trader had purchased the CFD units.


Concepts of margin and leverage


One of the main advantages of CFDs is that they are leveraged products. For opening a position, you don’t need to deposit full value of the trade. You simply have to deposit a small percentage of the trade’s full value. It is also known as “trading on margin”. Though sellers of CFD brokers only say that returns get magnified because of “trading on margin”, it is also true that just like profits losses also get magnified. This means a CFD trader can lose more than the deposited capital. You may learn more on CFD leverage from CMC Markets.


Is there any cost involved?


There are 4 kinds of costs:


#1 Spread – A CFD trader has to pay the difference between buy prices and sell price, which is nothing but the spread. A trader always prefers a narrower spread. Less price movement is required for the trader to make either profit or loss.


#2 Cost of holding – Holding cost is charged by the broker if an open position is not closed within a single trading day, before the trading day ends. Depending on direction of position, holding cost can either be positive or negative.


#3 Market data fees – These fees are not fixed ones and vary from broker to broker. Check out the market data fees before registering with a CFD trading broker.


# 4 Commissions – If you are trading underlying stock based CFDs, brokers charge a commission on the traded units. Check out the different commissions on the position exposure of different brokers. In many cases, a minimum commission charge is there along with a percentage commission (say 0.10 per cent) on full exposure position.


Let’s check out some examples to get a real picture of the commissions. Suppose, a person buys 10,000 CFD units of the underlying stock of a certain company. Let every unit of the underlying stock be 100 cents and the percentage commission is 0.10 per cent. For entering trade, the trader has to shell out $12 commission charge ($12,000 x 0.10 per cent).


If another trader buys 5,000 CFD units of the same underlying stock at same price, the commission charge turns out to be $5 ($5,000 x 0.10 per cent), which is less than the minimum commission charge of $10. In that case, the trader has to pay the minimum commission charge of $10 for entering the trade.


The same commission charge is also applicable on closing trade too, where the commission is applicable on the exit price.

Forex: Why should you know about cTrader?

What do you think are the ideal features of a trading platform? If you are looking for a platform, which promises to be the combination of user-friendliness and technological advancement, then ctrader should be the choice for you. Find out more about the Ctrader platform in this post.

Ctrader Platform: What should you find out about it?

Besides forex, the cTrader platform can be utilized to trade in several markets including indices, shares and commodities among others. The platform can be accessed through a variety of devices including smartphones, desktops and tablets. You can trade from the comfort of your home or else on the go- as per your choice. Today, we will be discussing the reasons why this platform has become so popular. If you are determined to use this platform after learning about its merits then you should be careful about using ctrader demo account properly before trading in the real market.

The merits of cTrader

What exactly are the features of cTrader that give it an edge over the other platforms? Let’s find out here.

Flexibility: We have already told you that you can access this platform through a number of devices like smartphones and desktops. However, this is not the only factor which has contributed to the flexibility of this platform. It complies with the trading styles of both the new and old traders. The interface looks much like that of another highly advanced piece of trading software – Meta Trader 4. It is clear and simple. You can trade straight from the charts. There is hardly any interference from the part of the dealer. As such, the prices you see are completely transparent. Even re-quotes are never applied.

Additionally, there are several types of orders to be availed as well. The greater number of trading orders you can avail, the better decisions you are able to make. Ctrader offers you a comprehensive range of order types including stop orders, market orders and limit orders among others.

Efficiency: The fully customizable platform provides you all the latest updates or live rates at substantially low latency speed. In order to make sure that the traders are provided nothing but the most accurate price rates, all these rates come directly from the liquidity providers. Other advantages of the platform include level II pricing, super-fast execution of trades, automated trading facilities and compliance with both broker and trader interests.

Market Analysis

When it comes to performing in-depth market analysis, there is hardly any other trading platform which is as efficient as cTrader. Do check out its STP or Straight Through Processing feature which is packed with a series of analytical tools. In order to facilitate technical analysis, the trading platform offers you a plethora of features including line drawings, oscillators alongside common trend indicators.

The ChartShots are designed for sharing analysis strategies and examples with other traders.

The final words..

Make sure you are learning more about this platform in order to make the most of its benefits. Good luck with your trading fortunes!


Quick Forex Guide: CFD Trading in Australia


Around a decade ago, Contracts for Difference entered and gained traction in the Australian forex market, changing the very financial landscape of the country. Their presence not only infused the country and industry with a much-needed technological upgrade, they also became a concrete threat to existing brokers since CFD’s pretty much worked on discounted brokerage fees.

Years after that, how is the country now?  Is it growing? Is it failing? Are traditional trade brokers still in power? How did CFD trading change the landscape? And more importantly, where is it going? What does the future look like for foreign exchange in this small but powerful country?

A Quick Look at CFD Trading in Australia

  • Cheap and Easy to Access

CFD trading in Australia truly paved the way for the common man to engage with the business of the foreign exchange market. It no longer became the world of rich men and powerful corporations. At the current era, even employees can join in for a mere 10 Australian dollars per transaction.

  • Creation of New Markets

The cost-efficiency brought about by CFD trading in Australia gave birth to the early players that made an impact in the industry. These include the CMC and IG Markets. These two revolutionized the business since they pretty much advocated for the over-the-counter service in market provisions and trade counter parties. Discount trade brokers, having no choice in the matter, followed shortly by creating the ASX alternative.

  • The Rise of the Alternative Market

Unfortunately, CFD trading in Australia couldn’t support the ASX alternative. What remains now is the companies with alternative market models. As of right now, they’re the largest collective in the country. These companies, such as OCM Online Capital Markets, ensure that each and every one of their clients have the capability to trade in any open market at justifiable and globally competitive costs.

The rise of the alternative market models paved the way for Australia to grow exponentially and is a direct cause on why the currency has remained stable despite the number of tumultuous events that rock the global financial world.

  • The County of Australia, at the Present

Financial trading activity rose up by a staggering 400 percent. As of right now, there are more than 20,000 citizens trading CFD documents. Forex is taking the lead, as it operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing Australians the means to trade currencies whenever they see fit. Other markets, including Index and Commodity, has grown, as Australians are aggressive when it comes to trading using raw materials and basic necessities.

  • The Future of the Australian Market

The future looks bright and promising for CFD trading in Australia. The enthusiasm for this model is sustained and continues to grow. More and more people are trying out this exciting financial transaction on a daily basis. With the trends right now, only time will tell when the Australian market will ascend and evolve into becoming an economic super powerhouse.

Stay tuned for more news and information about trading in Australia.


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There are a lot of ways on how to invest your money. When the time comes that you are ready to invest, you have to know the investment opportunities that suit you. Here are some of the investment vehicles you might want to try: Real Estate Investing in real estate has been gradually becoming popular […]

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If you still aren’t aware then let us tell you that there is a possibility of Federal Reserve interest hike and if you are carrying a lot of balances on your cards then it can turn out to be a very costly habit—if at all, the interest rate rises. As per the Federal Reserve Data, […]

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